Mission, Vision and Values

Seeking excellence in customer service, dedication and commitment in providing legal services, there is the law firm Rayes, founded by professionals who give the new company a solid knowledge acquired over years of professional practice.

The Rayes Lawyers, committed to the interests and challenges of its customers, maintains its principal office, with a modern structure in the central city of São Paulo and has a team of attorneys, consultants and interns, coordinated by the members, which shall provide for the quality, speed and efficiency in service delivery in order to obtain the best results for its clients and partners.

With experience recorded by successful actions along with renowned clients, the partnership aims to provide prompt service and legal solutions in various areas of law, with direct monitoring through modern management systems and process control. Also, for faster response and lower cost, the firm maintains extensive relations with correspondent offices, ready to serve in key economic environments in Brazil and Latin America, USA and Europe.